Katapult (Civ4 FFH)

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Civ4FFH Katapult.png Katapult
Stärke 3/2 Civ4Power.png
Bewegung 1 Civ4Fortbewegung.png
Schnell 60 Civ4Produktion.png
Normal 90 Civ4Produktion.png
Langsam 135 Civ4Produktion.png
Episch 180 Civ4Produktion.png
Technologien Bauwesen
Gebäude Belagerungswerkstatt
Fähigkeiten 80% Rückzugschance
Erhält keine Defensivboni
Verursacht Kollateral-Schäden
Bombardierung: 15%
Modernisierung zu Kanone

This is a basic siege weapon; use it to lessen or remove city defenses, preferably with one or more strong defensive units in a strong defensive position. They can also be used to attack stacks, but note that their limit is at 50%.


The catapult was one of the earliest forms of artillery. It was a large mechanical arm that propelled heavy stones and other missiles from a great distance, battering down walls and inflicting damage on buildings and defenders. Catapults could easily launch projectiles 500 to 1000 feet with a surprising amount of force behind them. Though cumbersome and nearly useless on the battlefield, the catapult was an effective weapon for siege operations.


A Catapult can bombard enemy city fortifications and has a chance to withdraw from combat when losing. When attacking another unit, they cause collateral damage to other enemy units sharing the target's space.


Folgende Einheiten basieren auf dieser Einheit und ersetzen diese:

Bezeichnung Zivilisation Unterschiede zur Standardeinheit
Civ4FFH KatapultBalseraph.png
Katapult der Balseraphs
Balseraphs 90% Rückzugschance
Civ4FFH Schaedelwerfer.png
Doviello 5/3 Civ4Power.png, 70% Rückzugschance, 25% Bombardierung
Civ4FFH Pechkutsche.png
Klan der Asche 4/2 Civ4Power.png, 60% Rückzugschance, +50% Produktionskosten
Civ4FFH Tribok.png
Khazad 5/3 Civ4Power.png, 80% Rückzugschance, 25% Bombardierung, Modernisierung zu Zwergen-Kartaune