Katapult (Civ4 FFH)

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Civ4FFH Katapult.png Katapult
Stärke 3/2 Civ4Power.png
Bewegung 1 Civ4Fortbewegung.png
Schnell 60 Civ4Produktion.png
Normal 90 Civ4Produktion.png
Langsam 135 Civ4Produktion.png
Episch 180 Civ4Produktion.png
Technologien Bauwesen
Gebäude Belagerungswerkstatt
Fähigkeiten 80% Rückzugschance
Erhält keine Defensivboni
Verursacht Kollateral-Schäden
Bombardierung: 15%
Modernisierung zu Kanone

This is a basic siege weapon; use it to lessen or remove city defenses, preferably with one or more strong defensive units in a strong defensive position. They can also be used to attack stacks, but note that their limit is at 50%.


The catapult was one of the earliest forms of artillery. It was a large mechanical arm that propelled heavy stones and other missiles from a great distance, battering down walls and inflicting damage on buildings and defenders. Catapults could easily launch projectiles 500 to 1000 feet with a surprising amount of force behind them. Though cumbersome and nearly useless on the battlefield, the catapult was an effective weapon for siege operations.

Strategy Text

A Catapult can bombard enemy city fortifications and has a chance to withdraw from combat when losing. When attacking another unit, they cause collateral damage to other enemy units sharing the target's space.