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Civ4FFH DrachenkultGroß.png
Thema Unterirdischer Drachenkult
Gesinnung keine
Effekt auf Stadt - 1 Kultur
Heilige Stadt + 3 Kultur +1 Forschung
Schrein Große Drachenhöhle

Gegründet entweder durch Abashi den schwarzen Drachen oder Eurabatres den Goldene Drachen, wer auch immer zuerst geschaffen wird.


Von den Göttern vergessen und ignoriert, wandten sich einige Menschen der Verehrung der großen Drachen zu, die einst das Land beherrschten und nun tief im Inneren der Welt schlafen. Innerhalb der Kuriotates oder Sheaïm Völker wurden diese Gruppierungen stärker und bildeten kleine Kulte mit sehr unterschiedlichen Plänen. Aber beide stimmen darin überein, daß Drachen göttlich sind. Sie halten ihre Drachengötter für weit zugänglicher als die leeren Gebete angeboten in anderen Tempeln.

Proposed Entry

"Mighty dragon, Fire and flame,

Shake the world, and rise again.

Wake from slumber, break your sleep,

For you great beast, my soul to keep.

Mighty dragon, Spread your wings,

Claim your throne, oh King of Kings."

Kuriotates Children’s rhyme

From the oldest tales it is told that long before the memories of man a war was fought amongst the gods – a war that was waged across all of existence from which a thousand thousand terrors were let loose into being.

These machinations of war were created-constructed-bred from the will of the divine for a single purpose: destruction of opposition; be they good or evil or neither.

The days of warring gods have long since past, largely forgotten except for the oldest tales told by the oldest of men. But remnants of war can still be found, and one such remnant is the dragon.

When the divine fled this world and the ice and snows locked the world into endless winter, the great dragons sought refuge deep within the bowels of the earth. Here they have slept and dreamt of their return to the skies above.

Of the many dragons created by the gods, there are whispers of three who have survived: Abashi the Black Dragon, Eurabatres the Gold Dragon, and Acheron the Red Dragon. They all sleep, but their dreams have filtered up through the rock to touch the minds of man.

These dreams have insinuated themselves into some men, who, forgotten and ignored by the gods, have turned to worshipping the great dragons and strive to reawaken them from their hibernation.

It is told that Abashi the Black Dragon lies dormant beneath the lands of the Sheaim, whilst Eurabatres the Gold Dragon sleeps under the lands of the Kuriotates.

Groups within these two civilizations have begun to gather in strength, forming small cults in worship of their respective draconic god. The goals of each group reflect the goals and ambitions of their dragon patron:

Despite their differences, all cultists agree on the divinity of the dragon.

Of Acheron the Red Dragon no one knows where he slumbers. It is told that when Acheron was willed into being he turned upon his master and bit his hand, and has turned to madness. Woe is man should Acheron return.


The cult is unlike other religions, it can not be adopted as a state religion and makes your empire harder to manage and control. Having the Cult of the Dragon in one of your cities has the following effects :

  • 20% of the living units produced in that city will start with the Cult of the Dragon promotion. If a Cult of the Dragon unit is in a tile owned by the holder of the Cult of the Dragon holy city he has a 3% chance to convert to serving that civilization.
  • The Cult of the Dragon reduces the cities culture by 1 each turn. This can cause the city to be destroyed if it runs out of culture. This does not effect Kuriotates or Sheaim cities.

This religion can only be founded by the Kuriotates or Sheaim late in the game to insure that it has no meaningful stratigic impact.

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