Entermannschaft (Civ4 FFH)

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Civ4FFH Entermannschaft.png Entermannschaft
Stärke 4 Civ4Power.png
Bewegung 1 Civ4Fortbewegung.png
Schnell 80 Civ4Produktion.png
Normal 120 Civ4Produktion.png
Langsam 180 Civ4Produktion.png
Episch 240 Civ4Produktion.png
Technologien Metallguss
Gebäude Hafen
Spezialeinheit für Lanun
Ersetzt Pikenier
Startbeförderungen Enterkampf
Fähigkeiten kann Bronzewaffen benutzen
kann Eisenwaffen benutzen
kann Mithrilwaffen benutzen
Modernisierung zu Phalanx, Schildwall

Unlike the Pikeman it replaces, the Boarding Party is not particuarly effective against mounted units; instead, it is best used to take over enemy ships.

The Boarding party is a group of sailors who have a slight talent at leaping from ship to ship, capturing prizes. These Men (and Women) are normal sailors, who find the the riches aboard enemy ships to be so alluring. Besides, they get paid even more.


Most of the Lanun army is conscripted to serve as deckhands at one time or another. Those that show aptitude at sea are trained to be boarding parties, fearless (after enough grog) and deadly (at least on sea) these sea monkeys are ever eager to swing to an enemy vessel and dispatch the crew, claiming the prize for themselves.

Strategy Text

Although capable fighters on their own, Boarding parties are also able to attack naval units. And if they win, the naval unit comes under their control.