Kamelbogenschütze (Civ4 FFH)

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Civ4FFH Kamelbogenschütze.png Kamelbogenschütze
Berittene Einheiten
Stärke 11 Civ4Power.png
Bewegung 3 Civ4Fortbewegung.png
Schnell 161 Civ4Produktion.png
Normal 240 Civ4Produktion.png
Langsam 360 Civ4Produktion.png
Episch 480 Civ4Produktion.png
Technologien Kriegskamele
Gebäude Große Tierställe
Startbeförderungen Nomade
Fähigkeiten Hat einen Erstschlag
45% Rückzugschance
Erhält keine Defensivboni
Sonstiges Nationaleinheit, nur 3 erlaubt

This units main advantage is that it is a mounted national unit that requires no resource.


Long accustomed to dodging abrupt sandstorms before the civilizations of Erebus stumbled upon them late in the Age of Rebirth, if a trained camel is matched with a capable rider they can virtually become the sandstorms themselves, arriving in a flurry and disappearing at a moments notice. Large Animal stables are required to produce and outfit this ungainly beasts, however.

Strategy Text

Camel archers start with a high withdrawal chance and can get even higher with promotions. A Large Animal Stables is required to train them. A civilization can only have 3 at once.