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Civ4FFH Grigori.png
Gesinnung Neutral
Spielstil Gemischt
Spielfarbe Pfirsich
Leitmotiv Haben die Götter verlassen
Palastressourcen Seelenmana
Starttechnologien Handwerk
Anführer    Eigenschaften
Cassiel Philosophisch
Held    ersetzt
Gebäude    ersetzt
Grigori Taverne Taverne
Monument Obelisk
Palast der Grigori Palast


Cassiel war ein Engel im Dienste von Dagda. Während des Zeitalters der Drachen beschützte der die Menschen, die sich vor den Kriegen der Götter versteckten. Durch seine Initiative entwarf und unterschieb Dagda den Vertrag, aber Cassiel ging der Vertrag nicht weit genug. Er wollte, dass sich die Götter gänzlich zurückzogen, damit sich die Menschen etwas eigenes aufbauen können. Da der Vertrag den Göttern aber erlaubte, Kriege mithilfe von Menschen zu führen, quittierte Cassiel seinen Dienst bei Dagda und begann seinen eigenen Kreuzzug, um die Menschen aus einem Krieg herauszuführen, mit dem sie kaum etwas zu tun hatten.

Die Grigori sind die einzige Zivilisation, die die mächtige Einheit Abenteurer erstellen kann. Der Abenteurer ist eine Große Persönlichkeit und ein Held, und kann zu fast jeder menschlichen Einheit befördert werden. Die Grigori nutzen diese anpassbaren Helden als Elitekämpfer, die sich so zu einigen der besten Einheiten des Spieles überhaupt entwickeln können.


To get the most Adventurers you should avoid building early wonders or using specialists in your capital - though you can also gamble and trust that the increased amount of GPP will compensate for a lower probability to spawn Adventurers. The Memorial building will boost your Great People production, and Pacifism will now help you in spite of no religion. Later on you should also build the Grigori Tavern for additional Adventurer GPP. It's easier to go for a certain tech branch and get your Adventurers to national unit level as fast as possible. Treasure your Adventurers! They are the units with the most potential in the game. It's quite normal to get tier 4 units with Combat V, Heroic Strength I and II by the time your opponets get their avatar units which don't have the Hero promotion and need to fight to get their XP. Adventurers also make ideal arcane units, since they can put the extra XP to use earning spells when mana is limited, and even better, learn twincast after combat 5.

Dawn of Man Text

Strategie: Um die meisten Abenteurer zu bekommen, sollten Sie vermeiden, frühe Wunder in Ihrer Hauptstadt zu errichten - obwohl sie auch pokern können, und darauf vertrauen, dass der erhöhte Betrag der Große Personen-Produktion eine niedrigere Wahrscheinlichkeit, Abenteurer anzulocken, kompensieren wird. Das Denkmal wird ihre Große Personen-Produktion voran treiben, was noch mehr durch die Annahme von Pazifismus gesteigert werden kann. Später wird die Grigori-Taverne auch ihre Abenteurer vermehren. Es ist einfacher, einem bestimmten Technologiezweig zu folgen, und Ihre Abenteurer so schnell wie möglich auf die Stufe der nationalen Einheiten zu bringen. Schätzen Sie ihre Abenteurer! Sie sind die Einheiten mit dem meisten Potential im Spiel. Es ist ganz normal, Rang 4-Einheiten mit Kampf V, Heldenhafte Stärke I und II zu bekommen, zu einer Zeit, in der Ihre Gegner deren Avatar-Einheiten ohne der Helden-Beförderung bekommen, und kämpfen müssen, um Erfahrungspunkte zu erlangen.

Daladinn's Strategie Tipps

The Grigori are perhaps the most versatile civilization you will ever find, however you are forced from the beginning to make a few decisions as to which style of play you would like to go through.

First you need to understand the Grigori special units:

  1. Dragon Slayers , these replace Macemen with the exception that they also have Courage and Dragon Slaying as promotions (promotions thankfully carry on as they upgrade.)
  2. Grigori Medics , little used healers mainly because they are acquired from Medicine. They do have the ability to explore rival territory though, which can come in handy.
  3. Luonnotar, the Grigori ace in the hole. One of these in any important city and the city become almost unbreachable. This is one of only two non-hero units in the game that is Magic Immune. Enjoy it. However you don't get them until you get Archmages. Note also: you cannot have more than three at any time! (Windscion: With the introduction of the Altar of the Luonnotar victory, the Luonnotar unit has a new use: creating and upgrading an Altar of the Luonnotar. Since the Luonnotar unit can be upgraded from a level six or higher Dragon Slayer, Pikeman, or (in theory) a Grigori Medic, anyone using their adventurers as combat units (i.e., Dragon Slayers) will be able to generate six of these units. Why six? Because thats how many you will need to create the Altar of the Luonnotar, level 6 (exalted)). After that, research Omniscience and you can build the final Altar to win!)
  4. Immortal Adventurers. Okay, actually, Immortals aren't unique, and they require going down the religious path which is 90% worthless for the Grigori, but other than the Luonnotar (which have their own trade-offs like losing their weapon promotions), they're the best choice for your melee-line adventurers. There's nothing like a trio of permanently-immortal heroes to irritate a conquering rival, and combined with Obsidian Gates (or better yet, the Nexus), you can warp them from your capital upon rebirth to any city you want instantly, providing the perfect defense for any besieged city. Once you've got Mithril Working, try trading with other civs for the needed religious techs (should be an easy con with human players, after all, you're Grigori; what are you going to be able do with Theology?), then research Divine Essence and show no fear with your Immortal heroes!


  1. Grigori Tavern, +1 adventure point, +1 trade route, +25% trade yield
  2. Adventurers' Guild, +2 adventure points, +25% great people points, +2 Experience Points for newly built ground units.
  3. Monument, not exactly Grigori specific but worth mentioning. +15% great people, +3 culture

Tactics First decide whether your more interested in being a merchant prince or a scholar.

Scholarly Grigori

Here you are looking at the arcane path pure and simple. No one is better at Sorcery than the Grigori and the reason is the Adventurers. Race as fast as you can for your Adepts and upgrade your Adventurers to Adepts. Typically you can have Branding (the first Adventurer) as an Adept with Combat V (he can kill any barbarians you should meet at this point). Then move on to Mages and Archmages. There are several fine points you need to understand when doing this.

  1. The Arcane trait will allow your Adventurers to upgrade a lot faster.
  2. Combat V then Twincast for promotions allows for a significant number of Fireballs or Meteors.
  3. Get Fire Mana as soon as possible for the above Fireballs and Meteors
  4. Enchantment III gives Spellstaff promotion. (12 Meteors every 2 turns) You also just happen to start with Enchantment Mana.
  5. Death III gives Lichdom ( use this on 3 Archmages for a total of 6 Adventurers as powerful Sorcerers instead of just 3 as Archmages)
  6. Law III grants the Unyielding Order spell, which zeros-out unhappiness in the caster's city and ends revolts instantly (very useful for the Grigori, as other civs usually use religion for these tasks). This ability is useful both in peace- and war-time, but you can only use it in 3 cities at any given point, and then only if your Archmage stays in the city.
  7. Life III gives the ability to Resurrect your fallen Heroes.
    (Underhill: Actually, this doesn't work for the Grigori; you can only resurrect unique heroes. Zimbel: Seems correct to me; Adventurers aren't Heroes; they are Units with the Hero Promotion. Of course, without a religion, there will be few of these.)
  8. Being able to Teleport between your cities can be powerful, so be sure to pick up at least 1 dimensional mana to build Obsidian Gates (or the Nexus, depending on which comes first).

Cassiel the Merchant Prince

This is where Grigori really and truly shine and many people often run screaming in fear. Remember to take Financial as your Adaptive trait.

Step 1 - your first goal is going to be to get your Market for some coin generation. This also allows you to make a Great Merchant (for those who love math you are at 8GPP already, the Great Merchant comes fast and will give you a total bonus +9 gold and +1 food). This will cost you an Adventurer though but no worries.

Step 2 - Get Currency. This allows you to make Mercenaries which aside from your Adventurers, who happen to be bored drinking at the moment, will be your staple unit. Mercenaries have two bonuses that can not be discounted. First you can buy another one in any city with a Mercenary through Recruit Mercenary. Second they upgrade as you acquire metals. (Windscion: but as of 0.21, so do your other melee units, and some cavalry units.) The other bonus you get from Currency is the Adventurers' Guild (more great people and experience points for your Mercenaries (which are strength 4 units to start with).

Step 3 - this is often debated but I like to deviate and grab Bronze Working. It brings my Mercenaries to strength 5 units (with Copper and supplements my production.

Step 4 - From here move on to get your Shadows, and upgrade your Adventurers to Shadows. They should upgrade straight to being little mini gods and everyone will fear them.

Step 5 - Get Warfare, for the city combat and defense as well as the great people bonus.

Step 6 - Move on the metal line for more upgrades to the Mercenaries. Mithril makes them strength 8 units. Advantages to this tactic are plenty,

  1. All of your units are either Invisible or Hidden Nationality.
  2. As your empire expands your coin expands fast. You can get 3-4 trade routes per city (which you need more cities then trade routes by the way) and they produce more.
  3. Great people: you're often looking at +240% GPP rate with +5 adventure points worked in.


  • Consumption, this is the first civic choice with impact. It will give you more gold (+10%) and should give you +1 happy off the bat for the Market. If you have the Tavern you get another happy and down the line if your bored you can get another from the Theatre.
  • Caste System is next in line. This allows you to spend all this gold and gives your great people bonuses to research and culture.
  • Guilds is a good choice when available for the unlimited merchants (just keep them out of your capital if you want to keep getting Adventurers). Note that this would replace Caste System.
  • Mercantilism can give you another happy from Market.

Down the line if you decide you need to push it a bit more you have access to other civics for a bit more happy:

  • Republic - more happy in your largest cities.
  • Scholarship - happy from library and bonus to great people working.

As far as buildings are concerned you are looking at only having 2 that impact you (other then mentioned above) and those are the Carnival (+1 happy) and the Gambling House. The Grigori rely on the gambling house, this allows you to slide the money bar to get happy. When this combines with all the bonuses and everything else can produce enough coin to compensate for any lack of hammers you might have.

First you need to understand that trade routes increase over time and easily you can get to 4 trade routes per city (6 with great lighthouse). You also can pull an additional 50% bonus per trade route.

Then you look at a base 6g per city with +6g per Great Merchant and a modifier of +80% (+180% in a city with the Bazaar of Mammon).

Stacking a lot of this together in your capital you can easily run ...

  • from buildings 6g
  • from trade routes 12g (will increase)
  • from merchants 18g (3 is very easy to get)
  • total 36g
  • modified at max 101g

This is achieved without lowering the slider at all. Lowering the slider on a well developed city by say 30% can achieve a base gold easily of about 15g which is counted before the percentage increase.

Now take into account the cost of Mercenaries and you can see why a lot of time its easier to buy them.

Keep in mind, the more gold you are producing, although it lowers your science output it greatly increases your happiness.

Namen der Städte

  1. Midgar
  2. Junon
  3. Kalm
  4. Edge
  5. Corel
  6. Costa del Sol
  7. Gongaga
  8. Nibelheim
  9. Wutai
  10. Mideel
  11. North Corel
  12. Fort Condor
  13. Bon Birejji
  14. Wasuraruru To
  15. Nemuri no Mori
  16. Aishikuru Rojji
  17. Daihyoga
  18. Gaia no Zeppeki
  19. Tatsumaki no Meikyu
  20. Kita no Daikudo
  21. Saboten Airando
  22. Misuriru Main
  23. Gorudo Sosa
  24. Roketto Mura
  25. Materia Dokutsu
  26. Midiru


Category Initial Anarchy
Government Despotism Despotism
Cultural Values Pacifism Pacifism
Labor Tribalism Tribalism
Economy Decentralization Decentralization
Compassion Basic Care Basic Care
Education No School System No School System