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Civ4FFH Luchuirp.png
Gesinnung Gut
Spielstil Gemischt
Spielfarbe Braun
Leitmotiv Golemhandwerker
Palastressourcen Verzauberungsmana
Starttechnologien Handwerk
Anführer    Eigenschaften
Garrim Gyr Magisch Begabt
Magisch Resistent
Beeri Bawl Organisiert
Held    ersetzt
Gebäude    ersetzt
Rüstungsmanufaktur Waffenmeister
Palast der Luchuirp Palast
Bildhauer Werkstatt Übungsplatz


Dwarves do not always live in caves. The Empire of Kradh-Ke-zun, the Open-Skiers, suffered terrible losses during the Age of Ice precisely because they, as opposed to their cousins the Khazad, had adapted to a life on the surface and forgotten the secrets of making their lives in the subterranean world. Fantastic craftsmen, cunning artificers, and proficient enchanters, the Kradh-Ke-zun were creators of some of the greatest artifacts of the Age of Magic, not least of which were the Golems. Golems for war, Golems for transport, Golems for farming, for mining and for industry. Life, for the Open-Skiers with their endless supply of infallibly obedient servants, was good, and the people thrived.

The new reality of the Age of Ice was harsh on the Open-Skiers. When the glaciers rolled forth, strangling life, isolating populations, crushing cities beneath tons of grinding blue ice, the Luichurp watched helplessly as the cunning devices they had entrusted so much of their survival to succumbed to the long winter.

Three foot tall city dwellers are not adapted to the rigourous, marginal, nomadic existence of Ice Age hunters, and few survived for long. Of the once mighty Empire of great cities, thriving farmlands and millions of contented citizens, only one particularly hardy clan survived: the Luchuirp. Though weakened by the dominance of Mulcarn, Kilmorph still managed to hold a warding hand over this little tribe of surface-dwelling Dwarves. She came to the leader, the now-legendary Graoin the Delver, and taught him the things his people had forgotten: how to dig, how to build homes under the mountain. Combining this with what little of their incredible artisanry and Golem mastery they could still make a use of, they fashioned themselves a society of sorts in the caves beneath the Ice, and they waited, knowing that one day, the clan of Luichurp, heirs of the Open-Skiers, would once again walk under the sun.

Dawn of Man Text

Strategy: Golems gain no experience, but a combination of the different golem-boosting buildings and Barnaxus will make them pretty mean anyway. Combine this with the fact that they're slightly more powerful than the units they replace, and you'll get a tough army, equally useful for defense and offense. Should you lose Barnaxus, you still have a chance of rebuilding him if you can kill the unit that destroyed him.


Golems are this race's main gimmick, if you will. You get them with the tech Construction, to begin with, which also allows the Hero Baranaxus. DONT let Barnaxus die, since new golems gain empowerment promotions equal to his level of combat promotions, although they cant level themselves, as it says above. Then try to get Golem Mastery to get the topline golems and upgrade buildings. (Note: Empowerment is similar to combat, except that it is half as strong at +10% strength per level, and never boosts your units rate of healing.) Use dwarven adepts with enchantment 1 to repair your golems, since they heal slowly.


  • Go read up on Barnaxus he's central to any Luichurp strategy
    • Level Barnaxus up as quickly as possible to Combat V and then hide him in an isolated or well defended city (preferably both)
    • Keep in mind that Barnaxus can be rebuilt if destroyed, provided you can track down the unit that killed him. Be sure to do so in a city with a forge to gain a weapons promotion, allowing you a better chance to level up later in the game. But mostly, don't let him die because he gets rebuilt without his previous experience.
  • Although the FfH Mud Golem (Unit) does take an additional 25Civ4Produktion.png, they don't stop city growth whilst being built like other workers do. They also have a defensive strength 2.
    • This also means that they aren't built as fast as you don't use surplus food as production
    • Remember that they do build 50% faster than regular workers
    • Core of the Subtle can be a very useful tool in protecting your mud golems, and it also provides Great Engineer points which, combined with the Mines of Gal-dur, can greatly accelerate wonder production. (As of 0.21 the Core of the Subtle wonder has been removed.)
  • In addition to allowing you to build Wood Golems, Sculptor’s Studioes provide +1Culture so consider using them instead of obelisks to expand your early cities and enable them to grow your golem army.
  • The +1 Civ4Power.png that golems have above other units at the same tier has the greatest impact early in the game
    • With some early promotions to Barnaxus your wood golems should be able to roll over most defenses and will even give early heroes something to think about
    • Follow up your early advances with Iron Golems as soon as you can.
    • Remember that Golems are immune to many poisons and disease, such as Typhoid Mary's plague, or the Contagion spell. This can give you an edge against civs that rely on those abilities, like the Calabim.

Namen der Städte

  1. Ithralia
  2. Mutanbo
  3. Tia'ran
  4. Morr'tebio
  5. Val'ron
  6. Tia'na'dom
  7. Nubilar
  8. Aborlenia
  9. Tia'minar
  10. Sil'ron
  11. Sha'na'ron
  12. Vinubar
  13. Ashi'marr
  14. Atenia
  15. Leticia
  16. Su'minar
  17. Manaus
  18. Ithis
  19. Para'dom


Category Initial Anarchy
Government Despotism Despotism
Cultural Values Nationhood Nationhood
Labor Tribalism Tribalism
Economy Decentralization Decentralization
Compassion Basic Care Basic Care
Education No School System No School System