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Gesinnung Gut
Spielstil Vernichter der Infernals
Spielfarbe Weiss
Leitmotiv Engel die den Himmel verlassen haben um gegen das Böse in den Krieg zu ziehen
Palastressourcen Lebensmana
Starttechnologien Handwerk
Anführer    Eigenschaften
Basium Agressiv
Held    ersetzt
Gebäude    ersetzt
Palast der Mercurians Palast

Note that if a human player builds Mercurian Gate, they will have the option of abandoning their current civilization, and taking over this one instead.


Basium verstieß gegen den Vertrag. Er war ein Engel unter Arawn, aber als der Vertrag unterzeichnet wurde, lehnte er den Frieden mit den Dämonen ab. Zusammen mit einer kleinen Schar anderer Engel missachtete er die Befehle seine Herren und kämpfte weiter. Sie verbrachten ihre Zeit zur Hälfte mit Aufbau und Erschaffung und zur anderen Hälfte mit dem Krieg direkt in der Hölle. Überall dort, wo Dämonen sind, wird man auch sie finden. Sie interessieren sich kaum für die Menschen, weil sie sich nur um das Töten von Dämonen kümmern. Wegen ihrer Zielstrebigkeit und ihres rauen, kriegerischen Auftretens werden sie oft mit Dämonen verwechselt.


"We come to wage war with the Infernal, your fate is inconsequential." – Basium

Basium enters the world for one purpose, to kill Hyborem and anyone who worships the Ashen Veil. Any non-Ashen Veil player can summon him by building the Mercurian Gate wonder, which doesn't become available until the Infernals have appeared. The Mercurian Gate can't be built in your capital because the Mercurians take over the city that finishes the wonder and, just as with the Infernals, the player that summons them has the option to take control of them.

Losing a city to create the Mercurians is quite a price. But the advantage is that Basium is more loyal than Hyborem. They are a separate civilization, but they join the same team as the summoning player. All research is combined, your line of sight is shared, wonders whose effects are applied to a team affect both players, and you will always be at war against the same opponents.

If you retain control of your original civilization you lose a city but you gain an ally which is better than anything you can have through diplomacy deals. You become two against the world and can even achieve victory conditions together. But, your ally is half mad. Basium will declare war on every Ashen Veil civilization he encounters, and he will drag you into all of those wars. It's like trying to run a country with a pit bull.

If you decide to switch and control Basium, your original civilization will be your ally and you will have one of your old cities with whatever buildings you built in it. But what would FfH be without odd mechanics for our civilizations? In the case of the Mercurians, its that they can't build any T4 units except Paladins and Druids (sideline: in "Fire" only good players can build paladins and only neutral players can build druids). They can promote units that meet the level requirements to Archmages, Summoners, High Priests and Inquisitors.

Instead, if you really want to serve Basium, you have to die. With the Infernals when an evil unit dies or an evil city is razed they get lowly Manes, demons weaker than warriors that can be upgraded into about any demonic form or added to cities. But if you are good and you die you join the Mercurians as an Angel. Angels bring their experience points from life with them and start as formidable units. But the biggest advantage of Angels is they can be upgraded special angelic forms of the T4 units:

  • Valkyrie- Holy immortals.
  • Seraphim - Powerful attackers that do collateral damage and get access to fire magic.
  • Herald - Have a special ability that gives all living units in their stack Loyalty, Courage, Burning Blood and Valor but kills them at the end of the turn (a great way to make a bunch of new angels).
  • The Angel of Death - Invisible to most units with the Marksman ability and they reduce the population of cities they attack by 1.
  • Ophanim - Angelic chariots that can pass over mountains and water.

More t4 angelic units are planned but those are all that are currently checked in. They all have level requirements, so worthy units in life will be created as angels and may be able to upgrade directly into these forms. But those that died as low level units will need to earn experience points as angels before they can level up.

The Mercurians angel mechanic means that the more you beat them, the stronger they get. Or at least you have to kill all of their units twice, once as a living unit and again as an angel. This mechanic and the fact that Basium always has a teammate makes him a very powerful opponent.

Namen der Städte

  1. Bourne the Gleaming
  2. Gap of Lond
  3. Lammas Mead
  4. High Clere
  5. Ranelagh Cres
  6. Bulpit
  7. Locks
  8. Priory Hold
  9. Warrage
  10. Newell Green
  11. Kennet Carn
  12. Swidon
  13. Aldworth
  14. Ains Field
  15. Llangar


Category Initial Anarchy
Government Despotism Despotism
Cultural Values Nationhood Nationhood
Labor Tribalism Tribalism
Economy Decentralization Decentralization
Compassion Basic Care Basic Care
Education No School System No School System